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Let's face it...

You could have the biggest dick in the world but if you aren't shooting off a forceful load of cum, it's just not as hot. Hell.. it's downright embarassing.

You've been building up all this sexual tension - it's time for the act - your partner is so fucking hot... things are going really well.... you really want to let loose and explode all over the place to end things in a way that rewards how hot everything has been....

...and then.....




It felt so good - you felt like you were going to blow the roof off the place with a gusher of cum that would make the top porn stars jealous...   what the hell happened?

Is there something wrong with you?

Even when you're by yourself - it sucks to not have the big, forceful load to help celebrate the intensity of your fantasies. C'mon man.. you fantasy life has got to be hotter than a lame little dribble, doesn't it?


It's time for you to deliver the cumshots all these situations deserve - don't you think?

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I'll let you in on a little secret... the size of your dick matters less when you can really shoot a wad.

Imagine your reputation when your partners talk... "he came all over me, it was so crazy, he's like a porn star or something"

Feels better, doesn't it?

Then take care of it!

It's easier than you might think and won't cost you a bunch of money..

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